Is my registration fee valid for the new dates 2021?

Yes, all registrations to the conference, as well as oral presentations are automatically moved to the new dates.

My registration was managed by a sponsor / hospital / organisation, what should I do?

From our side your registration is still valid.
Please get in touch with your sponsor / hospital / organisation to arrange your participation in 2021.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend the conference in 2021, can I be reimbursed my registration fee?

Yes, refunds (less any banking merchant fees) will be granted to those delegates unable to attend. Please submit your application for refunds in writing to

Please note there may be a delay in responses.

If I am an exhibitor, will I be entitled to a refund?

The Association Specialists / PCO and or a member of the Organising Committee will be in touch with your directly.

What happens to my sponsorship?

All sponsorship will be transferred to the new dates in 2021.

I have already sent by email my cancellation request, what happens next?

We are currently working through these and you will be notified once action. We appreciate patience at this time.

I cancelled my registration but I will be able to attend on the new dates, what should I do?

You will be able to register at the same rate you have registered earlier. Once we have updated the registration site to reflect the new dates and accommodation we will notify by email. You can log back into your current record and register accordingly.

What should I do with my travel and hotel booking?

If you arranged your hotel booking through the conference website, the PCO will be in touch
directly about your booking.

If you managed your travel and/or hotel arrangements personally, please get in touch with the airline/train company and hotel explaining them the situation. We recommend you download the official statement on the conference website that states the new dates.
COVID-19 is the reason for these dates moving and should be accepted as good reason by all suppliers. Please download this statement and hand it together with your dates moving request.

If you booked travel and hotel through a travel agency you must refer to the agency directly.

Hotel, airline company or travel agency did not accept to reschedule or reimburse my booking for free, will WITS 2020 reimburse me?

Neither the Hosts nor the Professional Conference Organiser can be responsible for financial engagements taken by third parties. The social instability and travel limitations caused by COVID-19 outbreak are good reasons for the Hosts to move the WITS 2021 to future dates in order to better provide for the wellbeing and safety of all delegates, staff and suppliers involved in this event.

Will my VISA be still valid mid-late next year?

Please check on your VISA the validity dates, unfortunately you may have to apply for a new VISA.

I have a presentation scheduled during the conference, what will happen with it?

We are planning on proceeding with the current program. We request that all presenters advise the Conference Organisers if they still intend to present in 2021.

Can I change my abstract before the new conference dates?

Guidelines on this will be available shortly.